We are a Level 1 B-BBEE impact investor in local SMMEs, empowering businesses to innovate, fast-track growth, create jobs, improve lives and help build a stronger economy. We work with corporates, government and development agencies to invest in individual businesses through our SMME development programmes, grants, loans and equity.


We believe that SMMEs are vital in growing our economy and creating jobs, and that with meaningful, socially responsible investment we can maximise the potential of local entrepreneurs, building a generation of South African innovators, and a strong, inclusive economy.


We work with all tiers of government, with development agencies and with South African corporates to develop short, medium and long-term investment strategies that have a measurable growth and developmental impact on SMMEs.


We provide a holistic and integrated business development service customised to the needs of individual SMMEs from start-up to established and exporting. Our methodology draws on 15 years of experience in SMME development and utilises the power of design to maximise innovation, efficiencies and competitiveness.

We are a Level 1 B-BBEE subsidiary of the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI) non-profit company (NPC) which has 15 years of operation in the SMME development space successfully growing local creative businesses. The CCDI NPC is a Broad Based Ownership Scheme with 85% Black beneficiaries, and is respected as one of most successful and longest standing SMME development organisations in SA, managing funds totalling in excess of R20m for institutions such as the National Treasury, Provincial Government of the Western Cape and Technology Innovation Agency.
Over 2200 businesses supported annually
R22.5m direct investment into 60 enterprises (2012-16)
R150m direct investment in sector and enterprise development (2001-2016)

Enterprise & Supplier Development

We work with corporates to maximise BEE points and developmental impact from their E&SD spend.

Tailor-made solutions are available for corporates wishing to implement a supplier development programme or utilise innovation challenges/competitions to generate products, ideas or develop suppliers.

Immediate Enterprise Development investments can be made with our membership of 5000 SMMEs.

Socio-Economic Development

We work with corporates and public sector funders developing Socio-Economic Development solutions. We draw on 15 years of CCDI experience delivering SMME development and impact programmes as a designated Special Purpose Vehicle of the government.

Invest directly into CCDI Capital

We facilitate access to grant, loan and equity finance for SMME’s and social impact investing. Access to these funds is provided in conjunction with bespoke business and technical development support, as well as mentoring and coaching.

CCDI Capital is supported by Prescient Capital and utilises the SMME development and design resources and support offered by CCDI NPC.

Fund Summary: Jobs Fund
National Treasury
2012 – 2015

An investment of R14.5m, over three years, was made into 45 companies. The project was completed in December 2015 and we exceeded the job target, creating 464 new jobs. The funds have enabled significant leaps forward for these businesses, helping them to improve their products, processes and competitiveness, and expand into local and international markets.

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Fund Summary: Design Innovation Seed Fund (DISF)
Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Technology Innovation Agency 2015 – 2016 (ongoing)

Seed funding totalling R6.5million has been allocated to develop 12 innovative businesses. The funds enable entrepreneurs to move from early stage pre-revenue innovative ideas to commercialisation and ultimately revenue generation. These businesses operate in a range of sectors from solar technology, apps and software development, to transport system analytics.

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